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Get Ready to Kiss a Lot of Frogs: Changing the Story with Alice Loy, CEO of Creative Startups

Artists are innovators. Why don’t we tap into this pool of disruptive entrepreneurs more often? Hear the story of Alice Loy, who enables and empowers creatives to unlock opportunities and build new business ventures. Our Guest Alice Loy is the CEO and co-founder of Creative Startups, a global startup accelerator for creatives. She has lived … Read more

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Pain. Perspective. Power: Changing the Story with Patrick Beggs, Host, Business As Unusual Podcast

We all have problems. And we all want to be heard. When we focus on sharing our truths through storytelling, we can tap into the power of aggregation. Hear the story of Patrick Beggs on how helps people craft narratives to realize their goals. Our Guest Patrick Beggs is a narrative strategist, who helps organizations … Read more

Do or Do Not. Trying is Dead. Changing the Story with Rob Angel, Author, Inventor of Pictionary

Feeling overwhelmed by all your tasks? Success lies in being comfortable when you’re uncomfortable. Hear the story of Rob Angel who went from being a server to the creator of an international best-selling board game by embracing his discomfort. Our Guest While waiting on tables, Robert Angel created the international best selling board game, Pictionary. … Read more

Vulnerability = Invincibility: Changing the Story with Leisa Reid, Founder Get Speaking Gigs Now

​​Showing anger, sadness, or fear in public is not okay in most societies. But this stigma is really a source of power. Hear the story of Leisa Reid who shows us how to flip our “weaknesses” into strengths. Our Guest Leisa Reid is the Founder of She mentors business professionals and entrepreneurs who want … Read more

Next Generation Schooling: Changing the Story with Nithin Jilla, Founder of Dreams for Schools

Why are we using 19th techniques to educate 21st century kids? It’s past time to update our curriculum and the way we teach. Experience the story of Nithin Jilla, and how he’s leveraging imagination and collaboration to teach kids how to code. Our Guest Nithin Jilla is the Executive Director for Dreams for Schools, a … Read more

The Innovation Factory: Changing the Story with Ahmed Riad

Every social impact entrepreneur is struggling right now to get attention from customers, investors, partners, and mentors. This problem is made worse by stiff competition and a bad economy. But what if you could cut through the noise? What if you were offered a global stage? Ahmed Riad shares how the United Nations’ Innovation Factory … Read more