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Powered by DNA: Changing the Story with Dr. Maher Albitar, Genomic Testing Cooperative

Could we live forever? There’s a lot of attention on tapping into genetics to unlock immortality. However, why aren’t there more stories about using genomics to prevent disease and viruses? Hear the story of Dr. Maher Albitar, who shares his story on advancing genomic science with emerging technology to tackle the key health problems we … Read more

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The World of Machine Perspective. Artistic Intelligence with Valentine Goddard, Founder of AI Impact Alliance.

AI is driving social science investment. Perhaps AI and art is actually making us more human? Hear the story of Valentine Goddard, as she pioneers the unique combination of art, AI, and the law to power civil engagement and sustainability. Our Guest Valentine Goddard@gabelle View Artist Profile Lawyer, mediator, inter-art curator and artist, Valentine Goddard … Read more

Valentine Goddard

Lawyer, mediator, inter-art curator and artist, Valentine Goddard is the founder and executive director of AI Impact Alliance, an independent non-profit organization operating globally, whose mission is to facilitate an ethical and responsible implementation of artificial intelligence, producer of the annual conference AI on a Social Mission and the Art Impact AI workshops. Watch Valentines’ … Read more

Crops Against Climate Change: Changing the Story with Stella Liu, Product Manager at Indigo Agriculture

Want to help with carbon missions? Trying farming. Seriously. Hear the story of Stella Liu, who shares her journey of being a climate change warrior by tapping into the opportunities around agriculture and emerging technology. Our Guest Stella Liu is currently Product Manager at Indigo Agriculture, a VC-backed unicorn startup, where she is helping the … Read more

Meow Wolf

Recognized in Fast Company’s 2020 list of World’s Most Innovative Companies, Meow Wolf is a Santa Fe-based arts and entertainment company that creates immersive, interactive experiences to transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of story and exploration. The company’s first location in Santa Fe opened in 2016 and showcases the THEA Award-winning, international … Read more

The Experience Economy. Artistic Intelligence with Chadney Everett and Conor Peterson of Meow Wolf.

Ecosystems have become the lifeblood for innovation and the hub for entrant, skill professionals. Hear the story of Meow Wolf, which has built an ecosystem of artists through their highly immersive and interactive art such as the House of Eternal Return. Our Guest Meow Wolf@meowwolf View Artist Profile Chadney is a lifelong artist who’s explored … Read more

The Intimate Food Experience: Changing the Story with Fred Castellucci, Owner of Castellucci Hospitality Group

Looking to be more sustainable with energy? Think about leveraging your roof. Hear the story of Steve Thrall, who shares how industry is embracing clean energy and expanding its use.  Our Guest After graduating from Cornell, Fred Castellucci took over the family business & changed the direction of Castellucci Hospitality Group from a single restaurant … Read more

The 360 Sustainability: Changing the Story with Kaveh Mostafavi, CEO of EcoCare

Is there too much plastic? Other landfill materials? EcoCare is leading the sustainable value chain by example.Hear the story of Kaveh Mostafavi, who shares how industry and agriculture is redefining supply and waste for planet and profit.  Our Guest Kaveh Mostafavi is the founder and CEO of EcoCare Supply, a wholesale distribution firm focused on … Read more

Sofia Crespo

Sofia Crespo is an artist working on envisioning Artificial Life and generative lifeforms. One of her main focal points is the way organic life uses artificial mechanisms to simulate itself and evolve. This implies the idea that technologies are a biased product of the organic life that created them and not a completely separated object. … Read more

Generative Lifeforms. Artistic Intelligence with Sofia Crespo, Digital Artist.

We seek inspiration, and sometimes that unlocks the imagination of many people. Imagine a piece of art that generates other works of art derived from it. Now dream of focusing this on exploration. Hear the story of Sofia Crespo, who is using AI and art to visualize artificial life extracted from organic life. Our Guest … Read more

Adult Entertainment YouTubification: Changing the Story with Kelly Holland, CEO of Chick Media

Technology has changed the adult entertainment industry, especially in creating deeper fan experiences. Interestingly, so has diversity and inclusion and sexual harassment. Hear the story of Kelly Holland as she takes us behind the scenes in the adult entertainment industry. Our Guest In 2008, Kelly Holland transitioned from a documentary filmmaker and journalist to become … Read more

Foster = Nurture: Changing the Story with Meldie Moore, Founder of Moore Law for Children

What’s the perfect world? How about every child being matched with loving (foster) parents? Hear the story of Meldie Moore, who shares the joy and challenges of adoption and building a foster family. Our Guest Meldie Moore, a former prosecutor, uses her expertise in trial and negotiation to help grow & strengthen families. Meldie practices … Read more

Alex Braga

Alex Braga is the first artist to use a revolutionary new instrument called A-MINT. It is the first adaptive Artificial Intelligence working in real-time for the artist to explore infinite audio/visual creativity. It is a Hyperloop of creation multiplying notes, visuals, arrangements, layers, to plus infinity : this is the signature style of EVOLUTIONAL ART. … Read more

Blowing Mozart’s Mind. Artistic Intelligence with Alex Braga, Evolutional Artist

Art in a box? You might be one just one person — but through AI breakthroughs, you can augment your musical abilities. Exponentially. This means you have the percussion, the guitars, the horns, the strings, and they all come to a moving crescendo through the synthesis of human and machine. Hear the story of Alex … Read more