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Blowing Mozart’s Mind. Artistic Intelligence with Alex Braga, Evolutional Artist

Art in a box? You might be one just one person — but through AI breakthroughs, you can augment your musical abilities. Exponentially. This means you have the percussion, the guitars, the horns, the strings, and they all come to a moving crescendo through the synthesis of human and machine. Hear the story of Alex Braga and how he’s achieved evolutional art to transcend how we experience the world.



Alex Braga
Alex Braga is the first artist to use a revolutionary new instrument called A-MINT. It is the first adaptive Artificial Intelligence working in real-time for the artist to explore infinite audio/visual creativity. It is a Hyperloop of creation multiplying notes, visuals, arrangements, layers, to plus infinity : this is the signature style of EVOLUTIONAL ART.

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