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21st Century Influence. Artistic Intelligence with Taryn Southern, artist and storyteller.

Streaming video on the Internet? The rise of influencers? Incredibly, these were ideas once shot down but did not dissuade our guest from pioneering new channels for the disenfranchised people to tell their stories. Hear the story of Taryn Southern, as she pioneered the use of video to empower the next generation of influencers and artists.



Taryn Southern
Taryn Southern is an artist, storyteller, and digital personality with more than 750 million views across her online videos. She has a longstanding fascination with Internet culture and influence. A former YouTube personality and comedian, Taryn is passionate about the intersection of emerging technology, storytelling, and human potential. Over the past decade, she has architected digital campaigns for personalized genomics, egg freezing, AI, sleep, stem cells, and biotech companies and is passionate about ideas that enhance well-being into the mainstream.

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