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The World of Machine Perspective. Artistic Intelligence with Valentine Goddard, Founder of AI Impact Alliance.

AI is driving social science investment. Perhaps AI and art is actually making us more human? Hear the story of Valentine Goddard, as she pioneers the unique combination of art, AI, and the law to power civil engagement and sustainability.



Valentine Goddard
Lawyer, mediator, inter-art curator and artist, Valentine Goddard is the founder and executive director of AI Impact Alliance, an independent non-profit organization operating globally, whose mission is to facilitate an ethical and responsible implementation of artificial intelligence, producer of the annual conference AI on a Social Mission and the Art Impact AI workshops.

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She is a member of the United Nations Expert Groups on The Role of Public Institutions in the Transformative Impact of New Technologies, and “Socially just transition towards sustainable development: The role of digital technologies on social development and well-being of all”. Ms. Goddard sits on several committees related to the ethical and social impact of AI, while being regularly invited to speak at international conferences. In her multidisciplinary and applied approach to the ethics of AI, she places special emphasis on human dignity, having initiated throughout her career cultural and social mediation projects for human rights education.

Her recent work is focused on how the arts can foster renewed and diverse perspectives of our digital futures, support the development of informed and legitimate AI Policies, and shape AI’s development and governance.