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Dumpster Fire or Opportunity?: Changing the Story celebrates 2020!

A reflection on what 2020 has brought to us, and how we will move to our next normal in 2021. Topics discussed in this episode: The tragedy of 2020 The explosion of disruption How you can create the next normal in 2021 Changing The Story Podcast with Michael Ashley & Neil Sahota: Visit our website: … Read more

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There Are Good Days & There Are Learning Days: Changing the Story with Van West, CEO of Vocalytics

Data is the new oil, and there is a HUGE untapped well. Hear the story of Van West, who has unlocked the value of audio data through sound intelligence. Our Guest Van West is an accomplished strategic business development, product, and marketing executive with 15 years’ experience leading teams in startup to Fortune 500 scale. … Read more

The Great Accelerator: Changing the Story celebrates Thanksgiving 2020!

A moment of reflection on 2020 and why we should be grateful (despite all the bad.) Topics discussed in this episode:  Grateful for what we have Covid-19 is bad but also the great accelerator Changing The Story Podcast with Michael Ashley & Neil Sahota:   Visit our website:  Subscribe to our newsletter:  Join our Facebook group:  … Read more

The Next Normal for Law: Changing the Story with Mei Tsang, Partner at Umberg/Zipser

Legal services are undergoing massive change. What does this mean for you? Hear the story of Mei Tsang, who shares law firms are morphing their talent management and team resiliency to improve client service. Our Guest Mei Tsang is an intellectual property partner at the prestigious business litigation and intellectual property firm Umberg/Zipser LLP.  She … Read more

The Compassionate Leader: Changing the Story with Jose Ramos, Founder of Mindfulness & Leadership

Tired of short term thinking? Missing key opportunities? Hear the story of Jose Ramos, who has tapped into mindfulness to refocus business leaders on creating sustained value. Our Guest Jose is a builder who loves to turn ideas into their physical reality. He is a 2nd year Sloanie and currently doing a summer internship at … Read more

Powered by DNA: Changing the Story with Dr. Maher Albitar, Genomic Testing Cooperative

Could we live forever? There’s a lot of attention on tapping into genetics to unlock immortality. However, why aren’t there more stories about using genomics to prevent disease and viruses? Hear the story of Dr. Maher Albitar, who shares his story on advancing genomic science with emerging technology to tackle the key health problems we … Read more

Crops Against Climate Change: Changing the Story with Stella Liu, Product Manager at Indigo Agriculture

Want to help with carbon missions? Trying farming. Seriously. Hear the story of Stella Liu, who shares her journey of being a climate change warrior by tapping into the opportunities around agriculture and emerging technology. Our Guest Stella Liu is currently Product Manager at Indigo Agriculture, a VC-backed unicorn startup, where she is helping the … Read more

The Intimate Food Experience: Changing the Story with Fred Castellucci, Owner of Castellucci Hospitality Group

Looking to be more sustainable with energy? Think about leveraging your roof. Hear the story of Steve Thrall, who shares how industry is embracing clean energy and expanding its use.  Our Guest After graduating from Cornell, Fred Castellucci took over the family business & changed the direction of Castellucci Hospitality Group from a single restaurant … Read more

The 360 Sustainability: Changing the Story with Kaveh Mostafavi, CEO of EcoCare

Is there too much plastic? Other landfill materials? EcoCare is leading the sustainable value chain by example.Hear the story of Kaveh Mostafavi, who shares how industry and agriculture is redefining supply and waste for planet and profit.  Our Guest Kaveh Mostafavi is the founder and CEO of EcoCare Supply, a wholesale distribution firm focused on … Read more

Adult Entertainment YouTubification: Changing the Story with Kelly Holland, CEO of Chick Media

Technology has changed the adult entertainment industry, especially in creating deeper fan experiences. Interestingly, so has diversity and inclusion and sexual harassment. Hear the story of Kelly Holland as she takes us behind the scenes in the adult entertainment industry. Our Guest In 2008, Kelly Holland transitioned from a documentary filmmaker and journalist to become … Read more

Foster = Nurture: Changing the Story with Meldie Moore, Founder of Moore Law for Children

What’s the perfect world? How about every child being matched with loving (foster) parents? Hear the story of Meldie Moore, who shares the joy and challenges of adoption and building a foster family. Our Guest Meldie Moore, a former prosecutor, uses her expertise in trial and negotiation to help grow & strengthen families. Meldie practices … Read more

Mission Over Money: Changing the Story with DeShuna Elisa Spencer, Founder & CEO of kweliTV

How do we find our voice? How can we share the stories everyone needs to hear?. Hear the story of DeShuna Elisa Spencer, who created kweliTV to share the stories of global black culture. Our Guest DeShuna Elisa Spencer is the Founder & CEO of kweliTV, which celebrates global black culture through curated, undiscovered and … Read more

The Tampon Tax: Changing the Story with Melissa Berton, Academy Award Winning Producer & CEO of the Pad Project

How important is women’s health? Do we even fully understand the challenges and complexities involved? The impact is vast, and everyone is affected. Hear the story of Melissa Burton, who is shining the light on how women’s health impacts each one of us from our wallets to our hearts. Our Guest Melissa Berton is an … Read more

Everyone Is Getting Inspired by Skynet: Changing the Story with Mani and Abhi of Nirveda Cognition

What will the next normal be like? How will we reduce the administration burden and extraneous people contact during the pandemic? Hear the story of Mani Veluthakkal and Abhi Mukherjee, who are using AI to help people and small businesses tap into resources like the Paycheck Protection Program. Our Guest Mani Veluthakkal is the CEO … Read more

Don’t Feed Your Bias: Changing the Story with Ivan Williams, EVP of Scenario Entertainment

Implicit bias is a struggle we all face, especially in trying to create a more diverse and inclusive world. Hear the story of Ivan Williams, who transformed from chemical engineer into a Hollywood champion against bias by tapping into the power of storytelling. Our Guest Ivan Williams is an executive producer and an Executive Vice … Read more

Get Ready to Kiss a Lot of Frogs: Changing the Story with Alice Loy, CEO of Creative Startups

Artists are innovators. Why don’t we tap into this pool of disruptive entrepreneurs more often? Hear the story of Alice Loy, who enables and empowers creatives to unlock opportunities and build new business ventures. Our Guest Alice Loy is the CEO and co-founder of Creative Startups, a global startup accelerator for creatives. She has lived … Read more

Pain. Perspective. Power: Changing the Story with Patrick Beggs, Host, Business As Unusual Podcast

We all have problems. And we all want to be heard. When we focus on sharing our truths through storytelling, we can tap into the power of aggregation. Hear the story of Patrick Beggs on how helps people craft narratives to realize their goals. Our Guest Patrick Beggs is a narrative strategist, who helps organizations … Read more

Do or Do Not. Trying is Dead. Changing the Story with Rob Angel, Author, Inventor of Pictionary

Feeling overwhelmed by all your tasks? Success lies in being comfortable when you’re uncomfortable. Hear the story of Rob Angel who went from being a server to the creator of an international best-selling board game by embracing his discomfort. Our Guest While waiting on tables, Robert Angel created the international best selling board game, Pictionary. … Read more

Vulnerability = Invincibility: Changing the Story with Leisa Reid, Founder Get Speaking Gigs Now

​​Showing anger, sadness, or fear in public is not okay in most societies. But this stigma is really a source of power. Hear the story of Leisa Reid who shows us how to flip our “weaknesses” into strengths. Our Guest Leisa Reid is the Founder of She mentors business professionals and entrepreneurs who want … Read more

Next Generation Schooling: Changing the Story with Nithin Jilla, Founder of Dreams for Schools

Why are we using 19th techniques to educate 21st century kids? It’s past time to update our curriculum and the way we teach. Experience the story of Nithin Jilla, and how he’s leveraging imagination and collaboration to teach kids how to code. Our Guest Nithin Jilla is the Executive Director for Dreams for Schools, a … Read more

The Innovation Factory: Changing the Story with Ahmed Riad

Every social impact entrepreneur is struggling right now to get attention from customers, investors, partners, and mentors. This problem is made worse by stiff competition and a bad economy. But what if you could cut through the noise? What if you were offered a global stage? Ahmed Riad shares how the United Nations’ Innovation Factory … Read more

​​The Art of Words: Changing the Story with Nancy Margulies, Author, Artist, and Producer

Want to sell more? Create stronger relationships? Nancy Margulies shares her story on the transformative power of storytelling. Our Guest Nancy Margulies has produced two documentaries, authored two short fiction books, and wrote and performed in two one-woman theatrical shows. She has also created visual maps after attending key workshops for Pachamama Alliance and SAND … Read more

​​The Great Acceleration: Changing the Story with Patrick Schwerdtfeger

We now live in a world where people are not just embracing changes that have been resisted for a while but are now accelerating the rate of transformation. Patrick shares how we can be drivers for this trend acceleration when we change our story. Our Guest Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a business futurist specializing in technology trends including … Read more

​​Intersection of Pandemics and Risk Management: Changing the Story with Dr. I

What happened to the COVID-19 pandemic management and response? Why did we seem to have so little information? Dr. Angel Isovich shares the challenges that healthcare professionals, government agencies and the media have in tackling an unknown virus. More important, Dr. I shares how he is changing the story so that we are better prepared … Read more

​​Technology for Utopia: Changing the Story with Dr. LouAnne Boyd & Dr. Art Blaser

​​To create great solutions that help people, they need to be based in perspective and policy and well tested. Dr. Boyd and Dr. Blaser share their work in helping the hearing impaired through the use of emerging technology Our Guests Dr. LouAnne Boyd is an assistant professor of computer science and software engineering at Chapman‘s … Read more

​​The Circle of Reality. Changing the Story with Dylan Watkins, CEO of Reality Smash.

Immersive and interactive are the keys to an “experience” whether it is reality, virtual reality, augmented reality, or extended reality. With so many realities, Dylan Watkins shares how he is changing the story to help people create their own worlds by tapping into the combinations to create the “circle of reality.” Our Guest Dylan is … Read more

​​The Authentic Internet, Changing the Story with Toufi Saliba, CEO of TODA.Network

With fake news, deep fakes, etc., how can we create trust on the Internet or anything digital? Toufi Saliba shares his story on how an autonomous decentralized governance model will empower regular people and establish the “Authentic Internet.” Our Guest Toufi Saliba is CEO, TODA.Network and Chair of the ACM Practitioner Board Conference Committee. Toufi’s … Read more

​​Grabbing the Opportunity – Changing the story with Michael E. Gerber, Best-Selling Author

​​More than survival, we can thrive! Michael Gerber shares his ideas and framework on the “blank piece of paper” we all must shape the new normal, and more importantly, the long-term future. Our Guest Michael Gerber, the author of the mega-bestseller “The E-Myth Revisited” as well as 28 other business development books. Inc has called … Read more

​​Homeless Kids – Resilience Needs Opportunity: Changing the Story with Jennifer Friend, CEO of Project Hope Alliance

​​Being homeless is hard. Now, think of how much worse it is to be a homeless child. Jennifer Friend shares how she’s changing the story with the non-profit Project Hope Alliance to help homeless children and their families, and how this help is actually boosting the well-being and profitability of the community. Our Guest Jennifer … Read more

The Groundhog Day Challenge with Education. Changing the Story with Jay Connor

Our Guest Jay is passionate about his work at Learning Ovations and is actively bringing the research-based technology and professional development tool, A2i (assessment to instructions), to schools across the nation. He has demonstrated leadership in the business, nonprofit and public policy arenas. Topics discussed in this episode:  Proficient literacy by 3rd grade dictates a … Read more

​​It’s Time for Earthshots: Changing the Story with Gabrielle Hull and Antony Randall of Planet Home

We’re always thinking about moonshots. However, with the sustainability of the Earth at risk, why don’t we focus more on “earthshots”? Planet Home is leading the way to do so by building a community of Solutionists to build Planetary Services. This is far more than just saving the planet, it’s about integrating sustainability into our lives and society so that we can all have a brighter tomorrow.

​​Protecting the Kids: Changing the Story with retired California State Senator Joe Dunn

Child sexual abuse is absolutely horrifying. Senator Dunn and the Zero Abuse Project work tirelessly to help the survivors but are also changing the story by trying to prevent it from happening in the first place. Recognizing that predators are using technology to separate children from their parents/guardians, Zero Abuse is flipping the script and turning to emerging technology like AI to combat the predators and the institutions that protect them.