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Farewell to 2020. Artistic Intelligence with Neil’s Magic Formula.

Hear the story of our 2020 season and remember why driving sustained change needs the confluence of art and technology. Topics discussed in this Episode The value of Art + SDGs + Technology Our Guest Janet Rafner @jrafner View Artist Profile Janet Rafner is a doctoral researcher in hybrid intelligence. She was formerly a U.S. … Read more

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The Crea Blender. Artistic Intelligence with Janet Rafner, Researcher and Fulbright Fellow.

How do we optimize human creativity? Experience the Crea Blender,! A special supplemental episode to the story of Janet Rafner and the Center for Hybrid Intelligence. Our Guest Janet Rafner@jrafner View Artist Profile Janet Rafner is a doctoral researcher in hybrid intelligence. She was formerly a U.S. Fulbright Fellow, with degrees in physics and studio … Read more

Angel_F. Artistic Intelligence with Oriana & Salvatore, Artists & Disruptors

What is the future of human-computer interaction? Will this lead to a set of digital rights? The answers lie in the combination of art and technology to create the sense of possibility. Hear the story of Oriana Persico and Salvatore Iaconesi, found inspiration, disruption, and love through their exploration of artistic intelligence. Our Guest Salvatore … Read more

The Synesthesia Superpower. Artistic Intelligence with LJ Rich Technologist, music artist, inventor and NASA Datanaut

The Beatles covering today’s popular songs? Four chords that can evoke any emotion? Hear the story of LJ Rich, who is classically trained in music but likes to improvise as she taps into her superpower to transform music (with a little help from AI.) Our Guest LJ Rich @thisisljrich View Artist Profile Lj Rich is … Read more

Hybrid Intelligence. Artistic Intelligence with Janet Rafner, Researcher and Fulbright Fellow.

How do we optimize human creativity? Hear the story of Janet Rafner, as she taps into hybrid intelligence, the synergy between humans and AI, to unlock the power of human creativity for good to drive initiatives like citizen science. Our Guest Janet Rafner@jrafner View Artist Profile Janet Rafner is a doctoral researcher in hybrid intelligence. … Read more

What does data sound like? Artistic Intelligence with Majella Clarke, .Conductor, Artist, AI Strategist.

What’s different about artists and scientists? While both are experimental, artists have more freedom because they don’t lose credibility while being creative. Hear the story of Maella Clarke, who is leading the charge for us to be part artist and part scientist as she unlocks the sound of data. Our Guest Majella Clarke@majella.clarke View Artist … Read more

“Resurrecting” Gandhi: Artistic Intelligence with Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Media Artist.

What do we take for granted? Consider the ritualistic sounds of footsteps or ringing bells. What if we could create from this? What if we could bring back historical figures through sound art? Hear the story of Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, as transforms the mundane into a beautiful symphony of wonder. Our Guest Budhaditya Chattopadhyay @budhaditya View … Read more

The World of Machine Perspective. Artistic Intelligence with Valentine Goddard, Founder of AI Impact Alliance.

AI is driving social science investment. Perhaps AI and art is actually making us more human? Hear the story of Valentine Goddard, as she pioneers the unique combination of art, AI, and the law to power civil engagement and sustainability. Our Guest Valentine Goddard@gabelle View Artist Profile Lawyer, mediator, inter-art curator and artist, Valentine Goddard … Read more

The Experience Economy. Artistic Intelligence with Chadney Everett and Conor Peterson of Meow Wolf.

Ecosystems have become the lifeblood for innovation and the hub for entrant, skill professionals. Hear the story of Meow Wolf, which has built an ecosystem of artists through their highly immersive and interactive art such as the House of Eternal Return. Our Guest Meow Wolf@meowwolf View Artist Profile Chadney is a lifelong artist who’s explored … Read more

Generative Lifeforms. Artistic Intelligence with Sofia Crespo, Digital Artist.

We seek inspiration, and sometimes that unlocks the imagination of many people. Imagine a piece of art that generates other works of art derived from it. Now dream of focusing this on exploration. Hear the story of Sofia Crespo, who is using AI and art to visualize artificial life extracted from organic life. Our Guest … Read more

Blowing Mozart’s Mind. Artistic Intelligence with Alex Braga, Evolutional Artist

Art in a box? You might be one just one person — but through AI breakthroughs, you can augment your musical abilities. Exponentially. This means you have the percussion, the guitars, the horns, the strings, and they all come to a moving crescendo through the synthesis of human and machine. Hear the story of Alex … Read more

21st Century Influence. Artistic Intelligence with Taryn Southern, artist and storyteller.

Streaming video on the Internet? The rise of influencers? Incredibly, these were ideas once shot down but did not dissuade our guest from pioneering new channels for the disenfranchised people to tell their stories. Hear the story of Taryn Southern, as she pioneered the use of video to empower the next generation of influencers and … Read more

Unlocking Your Inner Eye. Artistic Intelligence with Erica Tandori, a Legally Blind Artist

Our Guest Erica Tandori@ericatandori View Artist Profile Erica Tandori is a legally blind artist, researcher and academic, exploring the intersection between art, vision loss and science. Erica’s PhD focused on capturing the entoptic effects of macular dystrophy through art, conveying an ‘eye-witness’ account of blindness. As Artist in Residence at the Rossjohn Infection and Immunity … Read more