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Do you want to drive garbage trucks?: Changing the Story with Jon Shower, Marine & CEO of iNK.

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Things do happen by chance. Hear the story of Jon Shower, who shares how each of us can chart an amazing path by learning from his journey from Marine to tech entrepreneur.

Our Guest

Jon Shower was in the Marine Corps through the mid 2000’s and attributes a lot of who he is today and decision making from the experiences during that time in his life.  After sustaining an injury during active duty and going through intense rehab, he realized he had a deep passion towards the fitness industry.  In 2010, he started a personal training business for professional tennis athletes in helping them through injury to peak performance.  Over the last few years, Jon’s journey has led him into the technology startup scene where he has made plenty of mistakes, had lots of fun and learned a lot. Most recently he worked with iNK Digital Networking, SmartSpaceAI and Blackbirdsecure.  

Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • Finding my path
  • Marine to tennis personal trainer
  • Understand weakness and exploit strengths

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

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