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Lj Rich is a Technologist, music artist, inventor and NASA Datanaut LJ Rich is well known for presenting on the BBC’s flagship technology show ‘Click’, though she’s also gathering notoriety talking about her synaesthesia – a mixing of the senses that gives her both super-powers and fatal flaws…
She sees colours when hearing music, and food tastes and textures map to musical keys. LJ was interviewed in The New York Times about her experiences as a synesthete and musician.
At the United Nations AI for Good Summit, LJ hosted and performed on two pianos and two computers to an audience of over 600 distinguished ministers, ambassadors, scientists and honoured guests.
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LJ is MC and Host for the BBC’s ‘Sounds Amazing’ online conference, showcasing innovations in audio and sound from award-winning sound recordists, BBC R&D engineers and more.
LJ recently completed treatment for breast cancer. During the chemotherapy section of her treatment, she made a short film for the BBC to show what’s involved - in order to demystify the experience for others touched by the disease.
An excerpt from LJ’s performance at the AI for Good Culture Night event at the UN Palais in Geneva, Switzerland. A brief history of music technology - complete with musical examples - and how art and innovation will forever be intrinsically linked.
LJ’s quirkier concepts and installations featured everywhere from the UK’s Science Museum to international EDM festivals.
LJ Rich has a remarkable and rare neurological condition called synaesthesia. A kind of ‘mingling of the senses’ - instrumental in her memory, pattern recognition skills and ability to identify and codify music incredibly rapidly. She was invited to speak in Tokyo about her intense musical experiences, and how she created installations to convey those feelings to an audience.