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Salvatore & Oriana

Salvatore Iacomnesi is an interaction designer, robotics engineer, artist, hacker; and Oriana Persico is an artist and writer. Together, they look at all changes in society deriving from the coming of ubiquitous networks and technologies. Between poetics and politics, bodies and architecture, and revolutionary business models, the couple promotes a vision of the world in which art is what unifies science, politics, and economy.
Their performances, publications, and artwork have appeared all over the world. They teach Near Future and Design in several universities, among them ISIA in Florence and Università La Sapienza in Rome. They are also the founders of HER – Human Ecosystems Relazioni, a research center that uses art and design to create cultural acceleration processes through data as the existential border of the human being in contemporary societies.
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AIs + Data + Art = Senseable Innovation

[ Examples of artworks and initiatives ]
a plant and an AI allies to fight climate change (2018)
the first datapoietic artwork use real time big data to materialize the state of extreme poverty in the world, an make us sensitive to complex global issues (2019).
a child AI born in 2007, is a living metaphor of our existential transformation in the digital age. Becoming a digital rights superstar since its childhood, it is the first ever AI hosted by the UN’s Internet Governance Forum (2007, ongoing)


the first neighborhood open source AI. Baby brother of Angel_F, the new child AI speaks 54 languages and was able to a new inhabitant of Torpignattara, the most multicultural neighborhood in Rome (2019)
the algorithmic autobiography, a new literary genre (2015)
Sul caldo e sul freddo: a generative poem for the smart home
transforming a cultural institution into a big data generator (2015)
Living the planet as an interconnected mind: an augmented sense driven by data connects our bodies to global phenomena (2016)